About company
ATP 16363
We provide services for trucking from manufacturer to final customer in Ukraine and Europe
Fast and reliable trucking
full-time employees
Logistics Department, Accounting Department, Human Resources Department
One shared love for the autologistic business
Our Client
Multinational and large national companies - food and beverage manufactures
Our market
Transportation market in the field of cold logistics in Ukraine and abroad
Our goal
Our goal is to become refrigerated park number 1 in Ukraine
Our principle
Our principle is to fulfill orders of our Clients in any weather conditions 24 hours a day.
Company history
On July 16, 1984, my father, Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Strilianyi, was appointed as a young Director of the newly created ATP 16363 enterprise. As usual, all the bureaucratic procedures took time, and the date of foundation of the company is considered to be August 01, 1984.

Father was a wise man, with backbone and strong character. Life principles, values by which he was guided, permeated all the activities of the company, and even now, after his exit, these values live and are respected. These values are the following:
Fast and reliable trucking
Clanship/domesticity, family company
I jokingly say that father had three children: two daughters and a son. The eldest Inna was born in 1976, the middle Svetlana was born in 1980, and the youngest, the most beloved child was ATP 16363, born in 1984. Any family feast certainly ended with thoughts and conversations about the enterprise. So, the principles of the family company are the following:
Attitude to yourself, to work, to people as to a family. Fidelity, devotion, loyalty, mutual assistance, respect for the business and for colleagues.
This is a place of meeting and self-realization. Over the long history of the company, many families have been formed, many children have been born. Entire dynasties work in the company: the grandfather began as a Driver, the son continued as the Commander of the motor transport convoy, the grandson earned the position of the Specialist of the Technical Service.
It is always a “long game”. Many key employees have worked at the company for more than thirty years hand in hand with the father. They supported, gathered and worked, as in a family: for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. In Japan, this phenomenon is called as lifelong hiring. Decisions on land improvement and the purchase of vehicles are always made taking into account the long-term prospects, and not short-term goals.
Consistency of knowledge, experience, contacts, traditions, connections. Experienced employees convey knowledge to new employees. Mentoring.
Focus on producing young employees.
Reputation is the greatest value in the company, its monetary capital. Father always said: you develop a reputation for years, and you can lose it in one day. Each employee is the image of the company, whether it is (Driver, Locksmith, or Manager), a reputation guide.
At any interview, my father warned: “Just do not lie, the only thing I cannot stand is lies!”
Company today
Fast and reliable trucking
The main principle that we are guided by now is the combination of traditions and innovations: to preserve the best + to bring new and useful.

Father often repeated: “Your youth and my experience will lead to unprecedented achievements”. We maintain the best practices and processes created over 35 years, following the concept of “it is easy to destroy, it is difficult to create, the main thing - do no harm”.
Traditions + innovation
Our company is already 35 years old, it is a respectable age for organization in Ukraine. Now it is managed by the second generation of the owners. We still play the “long game”. All key strategic decisions are made taking into account the long-term prospects; as before, we are looking for employees for many years. We invest in the growth and development of people, we are constantly producing young specialists. We cooperate with universities, organize lectures in the specialized educational institutions, excursions to the territory of the enterprise, practical training at the place of production (Logistics Department, Mechanical Department, workshops, service stations).

We care about our employees and since 2020 we have been implementing health insurance.
Family company
We are building the European enterprise: advanced, modern, efficient, in which proactive employees work.

I remember that once a “returnee” got a job with us - so we call those who managed to work for a long time in the Baltic States, Europe and returned home to Ukraine - and says: “Guys, you are far from Europe. There, a thousand and a half road trains are served by one Logistician and an Accountant”. And we realized that the European company is the effective company. “Effective” means maximum results achieved with minimum resources.
European company
It is difficult to remember at least one year when we did not buy new machinery. Every year we buy a new rolling stock that meets the latest environmental standards (currently Euro 6). We want the great spaces of our country to be plowed by a decent rolling stock that meets the best environmental standards. In the office, we introduce the practice of garbage sorting. In production, we comply with the requirements for proper disposal of: office equipment, used oils, filters, batteries, tires, lamps, and other consumables.
Ecofriendly company
For us, beauty is important both inside and outside. Everything should be perfect. Father often repeated: if a thing is worth doing it is worth doing well. Everything we do should be beautiful: office, people, cars, relationships.
Beautiful company
Reputation is our capital. When hiring an employee, we first of all evaluate whether he will increase our reputation - or, on the contrary, is able to undermine it. In the case of the latter - as a rule, we refuse such employee.
Company with long history and strong positive reputation
We want to hear our clients, understand their needs and pain points. We have the greatest respect for our Clients and ever-increasing demands. Only thanks to the systematic tightening of the requirements on their part we grow and develop. In another way, it is difficult for a national company to develop dynamically, following the best European practices. We can do it thanks to our Clients.
Client oriented company
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