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Business during the war

Should I start writing about business now?

We, ATP – 16363, have been working since 1984 in the field of international road transportation and logistics. Always followed the principle – it is better to work than to talk.

But the time has come not only to work.

It’s time to tell how our company works during the war.

When every ordinary Ukrainian does unusual things. When each of us is a hero. When we want to feel connected to each other, being in different parts of the world and working for Ukraine.

When we make lightning decisions and immediately implement them. When we carry everything you see now in supermarkets. When we help soldiers, volunteer, transport humanitarian workers in our spare time. When we lead life.

In order to inspire colleagues, clients, loved ones, friends, it is better to feel who we really are.

To preserve the stories of our employees, the company, and share this experience.

To take steps to victory every day!

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