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He returned from the war.

Stories of our employees.
Many thanks to the employees of ATP-16363 who agree to share their stories.
From the first days of the full-scale war, our driver, a veteran of the ATO, Mykhailo Medvedev, joined the ranks of the Armed Forces. He is 42 years old. In September, he was injured and was treated in the hospital for a long time. Mykhailo was commissioned, so he returned to his usual job as a driver. Always calm, finds a common language with everyone, supports.
We asked Mykhailo what he would like to say to people after returning from the front.
“I returned. And I have a family, children. Already after the start of the war, the youngest daughter, Zlata, was born. I have a home. There is something to live for. And it supports.
But many young people will return, and they have nothing. Besides, we are all traumatized, and we have to live with it. I saw something that I would never wish anyone to see. When he returned, he noticed that not everyone understood the horrors of this war.
Children are also traumatized, they will never be able to talk about the war because it is very painful, just like our grandparents. They told either well or nothing.
I remember how my grandmother, who went through World War II, said “you don’t need it.””
What do you see as a way out of this situation, how to further improve the life of society? – asked the veteran’s opinion.
“Fewer scandals, more compromises. Fairness in everything and no privileges. It is very important – people should become aware. Here, I know for myself. If I start to get angry, nothing will happen. You need to smoke, rest, calm down. Back to reality. Everything is in our hands. The main thing is not to be silent, you have to listen to each other and always find compromises.”
Among our employees there are still military personnel. They, like everyone who is defending Ukraine now, need our attention, understanding that life is priceless. We wish everyone to return alive and healthy to their families and to work.