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How our drivers saved cars ATP-16363 🚚

– How did you decide, risking yourself and your son, to take out the car?
– It was necessary to help. Any normal person would do the same!

We continue to tell the stories of our brave drivers who helped save the trucks in those hellish February days.

Before the new year, Kravchenko’s father and son got a job at ATP. Volodymyr, 57 years old, and Mykola, 30 years old. The two of us traveled on the flight.

The war caught them on the flight from Kyiv to Mykolaiv. They spent the night in Kyiv and woke up to the first explosions. There was a sea of ​​people on the roads, everyone was urgently leaving Kyiv. We reached Uman. There, explosions began in the warehouses, so the truck loaded with milk was not allowed to pass. They returned to the base by a different route, not through Kyiv.

In the morning, they were in Kharkiv, left the car at the base, and went home to Kegichivka in their own car.

A few days later, Mykola Kravchenko himself called the director of the ATP and offered to take away the trucks, as many as would be in the yard:

– My soul aches for cars. We understand where to fly, what can happen next.
At first the director hesitated, the situation was not clear, but then he agreed.

Father and son went to Kharkiv.

We asked:

– And how did your wives let you go?
– Everyone was against it, but what are you going to do?

Kravchenko mentions:

– Driving from Kegichivka to Kharkiv was scary. Everyone is from where, and we are going there. There is a tank on the territory of ATP, which was always filled for refueling. Most of all, we were afraid that it would explode upon arrival. So they poured diesel fuel to full tanks and took it away.
At first it was scary, we heard explosions, felt the blast wave. But it happened only the first time. When they returned for the cars for the second and third time, everything was perceived more calmly. Thus, six trucks were taken out in three walks.

The salvaged trucks were parked in Kegichivka. And since March, they have already started working for them and getting closer to victory.

ATP drivers – 16363 – incredible. Real heroes!

Thanks to our employees!