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Why does ATP-16363 company matter?

ATP – 16363 is constantly recruiting new employees. The transportation industry is flexible and staff turnover, especially drivers, is always high. We are not a perfect company and neither are our employees. Life is life. But we try to find a balance between company values and people values. And from February 24, 2022, we all go through a real value check together.
When everyone quickly left the city of Kharkiv, our drivers returned to take the cars out of the shelling with the words: “This is my life! I can’t throw them here!”. Or they got behind the wheel to take the humanitarian woman around Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region, saying: “And who else will do it, besides me? “
Since that time, we have been constantly delivering humanitarian goods and helping the 92nd Ivan Sirk Rifle Brigade.
We are approaching victory.
Since the beginning of the war, we have withstood and continue to develop.
Nothing is impossible!
Of course, we do our daily work – we bring products and goods for Ukrainians on time.
We carry life.
It is about these values that we are writing about now in the announcements about the recruitment of employees.
At interviews, we ask everyone “How are you? How is your family?”
And people choose ATP-16363 and come to work with us.
We sincerely invite drivers and logisticians to our team!