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SLC «ATP 16363»

The company has been successfully working in the truck market since 1984. We provide cargo transportation services in the cities of Ukraine and Europe.

During this time, we have thoroughly studied the opportunities and "pitfalls" of the trucking market and offer our clients optimal solutions.


Food delivery

Danone: Alpro, Actimel; ABInBevEFES: Hoegaarden, Leffe, Lowenbrau; «Silpo», «Bon Boisson», «METRO», «Shchedro», «Buvette», «Lucas», «Khortytsia», «Nash Molochnyk» (Starokostiantyniv), «Selyanske» (Loostdorf), «ROSHEN», «Millennium» (Malby). Beer: «Staropramen», «Stella Artois», «Bud», «Chernihivske», «Rohan’», «Chill», «Corona Extra», «Beck's», «Taller», «Yantar», «Zhihulivske», «Franziskaner», «Spaten», «Velkopopovický Kozel». «Nestle»: «KitKat», «Maggi», «Nescafe», «Nesquik». Tobacco: «Parliament», «Marlboro», «BOND», «Chesterfield», «LM», «Philip Morris», «President»


Consumer goods delivery

«Korolivskiy smak», «ATB», Comfy, ROZETKA


Isothermal goods delivery

"Nasha Ryaba"; MHP (Myroniv bread product); "Lactalis": President, Lactel, "Lactonia", "Fanny" and "Halychyna" (dairy products)


Own car park

SLC "ATP 16363" has its own fleet of modern cars. Every year we buy new rolling stock that meets the latest environmental standards


vehicles with Schmitz semi-trailers (tented, isothermal, refrigerators with a volume of 86-92 m³)


cars of different brands with a wide range of carrying capacity


"ATP 16363" carries out refrigerated transportation of cargo and perishable goods in the cities of Ukraine and Europe. We participate in the supply of fresh and high-quality food products to retail chains. All auto-refrigerators are equipped with highly sensitive thermostats. They prevent defrosting of transported products. Only experienced specialists who regularly undergo a medical examination are allowed to service cars with refrigerators

Isothermal trucks

Transportation of perishable goods, which are sometimes called regime goods, is carried out in compliance with special requirements. A refrigerator and an isothermal van are among the vehicles that are designed to perform such a task.

Hermetic construction allows to keep the temperature that the products received during processing during isothermal transportation for a long time.

Isotherm trucks are best suited for moving fresh food, confectionery, soft drinks, medicine, plants and paint products.




We deliver goods to their destination on time and offer modern logistic solutions

Completion of shipping and transport documentation

Organization of loading and unloading operations

Goods transportation

Cargo processing and storage, cargo warehousing

Cargo protection and escort

Performing payment calculations

Consulting and informational support, including cargo location tracking


Service maintenance of equipment

Repair of cargo transport

— warranty service and Schmitz semi-trailers repairment;
— warranty service and SAF axles and suspension elements repairment;
— service and repair of Volvo, DAF, MAN, MAZ and KAMAZ vehicles;
— checking and adjusting the ascension, geometry of the axles of the road train using Josam laser equipment;
— refilling of oils and filters for all brands of cars, refilling of fuel and lubricants;
— computer diagnostics and repair of elements of pneumatic systems: Wabco, Knorr.

Tire fitting

— repair of tires with TECH materials;
— tire fitting, balancing.

Cargo transport washing


Additional Services

Warehousing / storage

The total area of the company's territory is 9 hectares, and 2 hectares out of 9 are a warehousing area for storing goods. At the moment, the company provides territory for cargo storage to large Ukrainian and international companies.

Offices rental

A 7-story building with a total area of more than 5,000 square meters is located on the territory of ATP; the area of one floor is 800 square meters. Our company provides office space for rent. Construction works period and rental conditions are discussed individually.