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16363 Students Meet Up

On February 27, in two Kharkiv universities, we gathered students of the relevant specialties to talk about the future of logistics and the existing state of affairs in the industry.
Svitlana Striliana, Head of the Board of ATP 16363 International Cargo Delivery, spoke about the state of large business, what trends and changes the industry will face in the future, what challenges the company faces every day and what skills and competencies an autologistic company must have in order to satisfy customer needs.Alina Bazhenova, Strategic Marketing Specialist, author of the Trend book about the future “FUTURE”, spoke about one day of the life in 2032, about the world in which we will live in 10 years and what it means for us today.

Mykola Zihanshyn, Logistic Department of ATP 16363 International Cargo Delivery, frankly answered seven questions regarding the expectations and reality of work in a large autologistic company.
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